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Phillip Jeffries / Natural Materials

Updated: Jun 22

The difference between a sample and the final installed product.

Some clients love the look, others hate it.


In most cases there's a lack of communication between the designer and the client.

When looking at samples, all look uniform in color and shade, but a sample only can tell so much.

This is an example:

Sample of Phillip Jeffries 5920 Saint Germain Hemp

Silver On Black

The sample appears uniform in color and shade.

Now let's see how the material looks when installed:

So, in order to avoid a client getting upset with the end result, it's highly recommended to

show them pictures from Phillip Jeffries's website so they can see the final product.

Almost all P.J. natural materials will have very visible seams and color differences from one panel to the next and even in the same panel.

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