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wallpaper installation


We are a wallpaper and mural installation company and we strive to provide the 

best possible experience for our customers, no matter how big or small the project is.

We only use the best adhesives and primers in the 

industry to ensure a proper and lasting installation.

Wallpaper creates unique and stunning spaces,

and we want to make sure that your expectations are met.

Proudly serving Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Licensed & Insured



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03 frequently asked questions

Q: How smooth should be the surface where I want to install wallpaper?

A: The wall surface should be clean, dry, and free of mildew, grease, stains, and loose paint.

Basically, the surface should be smooth to the touch, if you feel any bumps we can repair those before installation.

Q: Can I wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

A: It's always recommended to remove old wallpaper before installing new one, but it can be done depending on the case.

Q: What about seams?

A: Sometimes seams are unavoidable depending on what type of material is being installed.

Different textures and patterns can hide or show seams. Most materials do not show seams.

Q: What are single rolls, double rolls and bolts?

A: Wallpaper is packaged by the manufacturer in a long double roll.

A long double roll means that you get two rolls of wallpaper on one single roll.

A bolt of wallpaper is a double roll of product. Typically 20.5" wide and 33' long roll; covers up to 56 square feet.

Q: What is Non Woven wallpaper?

A: Non Woven wallpaper is perhaps the best material to work with for several reasons:

It does not shrink or expand, making it suitable for installations in kitchens or bathrooms.

It can be removed with ease with minimum damage to the walls.

It's tear resistant.

It breaths, so there will be no mildew or mold growing behind it. 

You will not see seams with Non Woven wallpaper.

Q: How long does it take for wallpaper glue to dry?

A: Time for drying can depend on the type of wallpaper and the condition of the room. The average time for drying is somewhere between 24-48 hours. However, some wallpapers can take up to one week before the adhesive is completely dry and set.

Q: Can I have a ceiling wallpapered?

A: Yes, you can have your ceiling wallpapered. Although is best for the installer to check first as ceilings are one of the most complex and complicated types of installations. And it's always good to check the material with your installer prior to purchase.​

Q: What are those symbols in my wallpaper label?

A: The symbols define what kind of wallpaper you are installing and how to take care of it. They also give information to the installers so they can properly install the wallpaper.

Q: What is Faux Concrete?

A: We use real concrete powder that we mix with water and apply to the wall as regular plaster.

The mix dries very quick, in about 1 hr. Once dried the different coats react with each other and give that industrial look of a real concrete wall, even the texture looks and feels real.

A regular size wall can be done in just one day.

Q: I live in a Condo, are any considerations regarding License or Insurance?

A: Most Condo Associations will require Man With a Beard, LLC to send it's Insurance and License.

It is best to talk to the Condo Association prior to the installation date to be sure that all required documents are met. If you want just send us the Association information (email, contact, etc.) and we'll handle it for you.


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Useful information you can provide when sending us an email:

* Wall measurements and/or pictures of the areas.

* Wallpaper specs, you can send weblinks or a picture of the label.

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